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TUNEMAKERS 草本天然有機大豆原液 オーガニック 大豆エキス Botanical Organic Soybean Exctract 10ml

TUNEMAKERS 草本天然有機大豆原液 オーガニック 大豆エキス Botanical Organic Soybean Exctract 10ml

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日本Tunemakers有機大豆原液 10ML 大豆選材自滋賀縣! 草本天然有機大豆原液可以防止因肌膚老化 防止反復出現U字位(從左右臉頰到下巴)皮膚粗糙問題 令面部皮膚變光滑,柔軟和緊緻肌膚 另外,大豆原液成份接近缺乏緊緻的皮膚成份, 大豆中含有豐富的異黃酮 可以保持女性身體、肌膚所必需的成分 TUNEMAKERS有新品! 今次推出一系列日本國產有機Organic 原液, 全新草本天然有機原液系列 BOTANICA… TUNEMAKERS BOTANICAL soybean extract 10ml special essence Condition: NEW Type: botanical soybean extrract Size: 10ml For repeated rough skin of adults Prevents the rough and rough skin of the U zone (from the left and right cheeks to the jaws) that appears repeatedly, and smoothes the texture to make the skin smooth and smooth. In addition, we approach skin that lacks firmness to make it soft and feminine. Using organic soybeans made by Mr. Takeuchi of Shiga Prefecture "Isoflavone", which is abundant in soybeans, is said to contain the ingredients necessary to maintain a feminine body and beautiful skin, and is also attracting attention in the field of beauty. Carefully selected purely domestic organic ingredients Uses organic JAS certified plant-derived ingredients What was born in the land where you live is directly applied to your skin. We are particular about raw materials and use only purely domestic raw materials derived from organic JAS certified plants carefully selected from all over Japan. Simple design Packed with only the ingredients that the skin wants. We are particular about the contents and do not do any extra packaging. Fragrance free, colorant free, mineral oil free, petroleum-based surfactant free, paraben free, alcohol free, silicone free As a beauty liquid After applying the lotion, gently apply an appropriate amount (2 to 3 drops) to the entire face. Prevents rough skin and makes healthy skin. Directly applied to the U zone After applying the lotion, gently apply it to the areas you care about or the U zone. Plus for lotion and cream With the palm of your hand, mix an appropriate amount (1 to 2 drops) with lotion or cream and apply it to the entire face. By hand pressing and thoroughly infiltrating, the stratum corneum is well moisturized and filled. One bottle can be used for about 50 days (less than 2 months). (1 to 3 drops at a time, when used twice a day) All ingredients Water, BG, soybean seed extract


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