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🇯🇵日本|行業頂級純度100% NMN|SUBHABI NMN6000 細胞逆齡再生膠囊 30粒 シードコムス NMN サプリ 純度100% 6000mg

🇯🇵日本|行業頂級純度100% NMN|SUBHABI NMN6000 細胞逆齡再生膠囊 30粒 シードコムス NMN サプリ 純度100% 6000mg

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NMN6000 細胞逆齡再生膠囊


◆ 不想看到自己老了
◆ 看起來比實際年齡大
◆ 每次照鏡子都感嘆
◆ 不能勉強自己,感覺體力下降
◆ 斑點和皺紋越來越多我覺得我的皮膚變弱了




✅ 【行業頂級純度100% NMN】高純度,高混合,比其他品牌更容易吸收

✅ NMN6000 是通過專業機構檢驗的僅100% 純NMN 的奢華混合物。

✅ 每粒膠囊的主要成分 ・β-煙酰胺單核苷酸(日本製造)…202.03mg ・維生素E…5mg(1mg作為VE) ・葉酸…0.1mg

✅ [1 袋 NMN 含量 6000mg] [每粒膠囊 200mg] NMN。
您可以服用維持青春所需的推薦每日攝入量 (100-250mg)。

✅ 產品全部在日本的“GMP認證工廠”生產,具有徹底的質量和安全管理。

1包30粒 (1個月份量)





✅ [Industry top class purity 100% NMN] High purity, high blend, easy to continue price

✅NMN6000 is a luxurious blend of only 100% pure NMN that has passed the inspection of professional institutions.

✅Key Ingredients Per Capsule
・β-nicotinamide mononucleotide (manufactured in Japan)…202.03mg
・Vitamin E…5mg (1mg as VE)
・Folic acid…0.1mg

✅ [1 bag NMN content 6000mg] [200mg per capsule] of NMN. You can take the recommended daily intake (100-250mg) necessary to support youthfulness.

✅ [Are you having trouble with this?
◆ I don’t want to see myself lose my age
◆ I look older than my age
◆ I sigh every time I look in the mirror
◆ I can’t force myself and I feel my physical strength decline
◆ Spots and wrinkles are increasing and I feel my skin is weakening

✅ Products are all manufactured in Japan at a “GMP certified factory” with thorough quality and safety management. Selected raw materials are blended in a GMP-certified domestic factory and packed in capsules. We visually check each grain and deliver only those that pass the test.



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