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🇯🇵日本 SHIRO WHITELILY BODY OIL 白百合香身體按摩油 シロ ホワイトリリー ボディオイル 80mL

🇯🇵日本 SHIRO WHITELILY BODY OIL 白百合香身體按摩油 シロ ホワイトリリー ボディオイル 80mL

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兼具親膚性及保濕力 濃潤質地的高保濕身體按摩油 濃稠質地、且延展性好,使肌膚迅速吸收的身體按摩油。 並添加葵花籽油、夏威夷果油,可維持肌膚保濕潤澤感。 被優雅花香調包圍,清新脫俗的「白百合」香氣。 <推薦使用方式> (1)沐浴後 肌膚濕潤的狀態下使用,可鎖住肌膚水分,效果更佳。 (2)沐浴前 將按摩油塗抹於全身輕輕按摩,再入浴缸泡澡,肌膚的潤澤感可持續到沐浴後。 - - A highly moisturising body oil with a rich texture which blends well within the skin and has a moisturising power. A body moisturising oil that spreads well and has a texture that easily blends into the skin. Contains moisturising sunflower seed oil and macadamia seed oil to moisturise and keep the skin soft. A sophisticated “White Lily” scent wrapped in elegant florals. Some fragrances have changed from February 2023. Click here for renewed scents. (1) After bathing If you apply the oil whilst the skin is still damp, you will keep your skin moisturised longer along with a fresh scent in a more effective way. (2) Before bathing Apply the oil on your entire body and gently massage it, then soak in the bath. Your skin will stay moisturised even after bathing. TOP: Bergamot, Blackcurrant, Green MIDDLE: Lily, Jasmine, Rose, Magnolia BASE: Amber, Sandalwood, Musk


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