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🇯🇵Japanese SHIRO Body Cologne 100ML

🇯🇵Japanese SHIRO Body Cologne 100ML

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( • ʖ̫ • ) Let’s briefly introduce the SHIRO brand first😽 SHIRO was founded in 1989. SHIRO is a skin care brand born in Hokkaido. It uses edible natural ingredients, such as sake meal, oats, kelp and other ingredients, to let the power of nature Brings nutrients to the skin, and the pure natural ingredients can be used safely by all skin types and ages. In addition to skin care products, it has also expanded into beauty, coffee shop and other fields. The hidden popular product among Shiro is the light and elegant fragrance series. The simple white outer packaging and logo are loaded with Shiro's exclusive exquisite fragrance, which is like refreshing soap just after taking a shower...


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