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🇯🇵ROHTO Yojunsui Night Care Moisturizer Eye Drops Yojunsui Night Care Moisturizer Eye Drops α 13ml / Cool Lv 2 13ml

🇯🇵ROHTO Yojunsui Night Care Moisturizer Eye Drops Yojunsui Night Care Moisturizer Eye Drops α 13ml / Cool Lv 2 13ml

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Rohto has created a new concept of nourishing and protecting eyes through years of research and development:

The hard work of the day, the care of the night.

The nourishing water contains a variety of nutrients. Use it before going to bed to moisturize your eyes.

Repairs the cornea and allows eyes to recover quickly from a long day of fatigue.

The combination of natural VE and hyaluronic acid is very helpful for tired eyes of people who often use computers.

It has a good restorative effect on eye fatigue, redness and discomfort caused by excessive eye use.

Take one drop every day before going to bed to keep your eyes moist, bright and beautiful.

Suitable for eye fatigue, blurred vision, and prevention of eye diseases (such as when dust or sweat enters the eyes after swimming).

Contains amino acids, vitamin E and hyaluronic acid, which can moisturize the eyes and relieve eye fatigue.

During sleep time, eye movements are used to repair corneal cells and accelerate metabolism.

It can remove eye stains and improve blurred vision at the same time.

Contains 4 kinds of nutrients, which can moisturize the eyes and relieve eye fatigue caused by using computers or wearing contact lenses during the day.

Take 1 to 3 drops at a time and use 5 to 6 times a day.

Rohto Yojunsui α Night Care Eye Drops (13ml)

Tired of the abuse and eyes during the day, healing want to "funnel YoJunmizu α" is while you are asleep, it is eye drops recommended for such people.

Good night in front of the drop, nourish and moisturize the pupil, heal eyes carefully during sleep.

○ taurine

Along with nourishing the eye, promoting metabolism, prompting the tired eyes of recovery.

○ Sodium chondroitin sulfate ester

The surface of the cornea, which was burdened by such as a contact lens, to protect gently,And prevent eye disease.

○ Sodium hyaluronate (thickeners formulation)

Also used such as serums, a good viscous moisturizing capabilities component.

○ natural vitamin E

Eye nutrition to promote blood circulation given to, effectively heal tired eyes.

○ L- potassium aspartate

To promote the breathing of the eye of the cells and heal the fatigue of the eyes.

○ anytime, anywhere, free-angle nozzle that can be eye drops smoothly

Easily made eye care, is very convenient.

○ one-touch screw cap

Just turn it clicks once to the left, turn once snap to the right even when close when opening.Easy is convenient.

Eyestrain, (such as when a lot of eye mucus) blurred vision, eye disease prevention (after swimming, such as when dust and sweat into your eyes), discomfort when wearing the hard contact lens

Recommended Dosage
1 to 3 drops of 1 times, please instilled 1 days 5 to 6 times. Please do not use while wearing soft contact lens ※.


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