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🇯🇵Japanese OZIO Royal Jelly Q Whitening Gel 75g royal jelly white face gel

🇯🇵Japanese OZIO Royal Jelly Q Whitening Gel 75g royal jelly white face gel

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OZIO QQ Whitening Gel is based on royal jelly. One bottle replaces the six major steps of skin care, including lotion, beauty serum, lotion, cream, facial mask, and makeup primer. No added coloring, no mineral oil, no alcohol, no synthetic fragrances Added 52 kinds of upgraded ingredients, a total of 64 kinds of beauty ingredients, with 97% high concentration of beauty ingredients. Added dual active ingredients: placenta + potassium glycyrrhizinate Whitening and moisturizing, leaving skin translucent and shiny Exclusive "moisturizing essential oil capsule technology" covers all beauty ingredients and reaches the bottom of the skin completely. Free of alcohol, mineral oil, fragrance and paraben preservatives. Can also be used on sensitive skin. OZIO Royal Jelly All In One Whitening Brightening Face Cream Gel 75g New in Box Made in Japan Product Details Whitening and penetrating moisturizing are completed with this one! Medicated Whitening Gel Whitening effect of all-in-one gel "Royal Jelly Dutch Gel" is a skin care item that completes easily Water soluble placenta extract x dipotassium glycyrrhizinate Care for damage from ultraviolet rays bathed in two active ingredient formulations, whitening skin with spots! Whitening is troublesome for overpainting, and do not you think that items are too expensive and will not last? So I stick to the effect that whitening can be easily done all in one! It is whitening which can be continued because it is "one piece " because it is not "plastered" to usual skincare. Royal Jelly Dutch Gell White adopts its own "capsule derived from moisturizing oil" to permeate about all 97 kinds of beauty essence ingredients, also penetrating into water and oil! By penetrating royal jelly, hyaluronic acid and collagen in a capsule derived from a proprietary moisturizing oil, it penetrates into all 64 kinds, about 97% of the essence ingredients without leaving any residue and is a prescription that exerts its effect on the skin. How to use Morning 1 Yen coin / 10 Yen 10 Yen Coin is taken in hand, and it gently blends on the whole face. Depending on the case, please overlay the place where drying becomes matter of concern. When using it as a moisture pack, please let me get rich in 500 yen coat size. Name: Royal Jelly Durable gel gel type An all in one facial cream that intensely hydrating and nourishing while preserving skin's youthful stage. It helps to restore the look of youthful plumpness and volume Luscious age defying midnight recovery face cream for total facial care. Re-hydrates thirsty skin cells with powerful collagen and elastin booster.


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