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🇯🇵Japan ORBIS U Essence Lotion オルビスユーローション180ml

🇯🇵Japan ORBIS U Essence Lotion オルビスユーローション180ml

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ORBIS u Essence Lotion(180ml) . ❤️ Affordable fairy water, suitable for dry and sensitive skin ❤️ . I have just turned 29+1 years old. I try hard to moisturize but my skin is still dry and dull. The smooth skin I was once proud of has begun to appear. Enlarged pores and other issues! Orbis launched a new anti-aging u series in early 2018. ORBIS u Lotion is known as Japan's most affordable fairy water😍😍. It absorbs quickly, injects a large amount of moisture into the skin, and provides long-lasting moisture to the stratum corneum, epidermis and dermis of the skin. ♡ Improve the problem of enlarged pores ♡ . Main ingredients: HSP yeast extract


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