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🇯🇵Japan Orbis Petit Shake Slimming Nutritional Shake

🇯🇵Japan Orbis Petit Shake Slimming Nutritional Shake

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Orbis Petit Shake Slimming Nutritional Shake
* * In stock + Pre-order * *
❣️3 flavor tasting packs (1 box of 3 packs)
❣️Single flavor (7 packs in 1 box)
[Each box is packed with ingredients! Shipping costs are expensive🙈]
A friend who came to the store to pick it up first reacted when he picked it up: "Wow! How heavy!?😱😱😱"
No mistake! It is indeed super filling! 💪🏻💪🏻
One box is 7xxg! The shipping charges are all high and low, can you tell me how much the price will be? 🙈
But a package and a meal are only about $22.
The price is more than enough for a meal, and it’s healthy! nice! 😘
✨ Create a perfect figure for summer✨
✔️ No more than 160 calories per pack
✔️ 1 cup contains 1/3 of the daily vitamins, iron, calcium and dietary fiber required by the human body, and combined with beauty ingredients, you can lose weight beautifully and healthily
✔️ The liquid base will not cause clumps, so you can quickly enjoy a smooth milkshake in a hurry in the morning
✔️ 1 cup a day, you can lose about 2.5kg in 1 month
❤️Reduce to 2.5KG in one month! 🤩🤩How attractive! ! 😍😍 ❤️
😋Single flavor pack (7 packs X 100g)
♡ Strawberry flavor
♡ white peach flavor
♡ Pineapple Mango Flavor
♡ Muscadine Aloe Flavor
♡ Mixed berry flavor
♡ Grapefruit lemon flavor
♡ Chia Seed Kiwi
😋Testing pack (3 packs X 100g)
♡ Refreshing taste
(Grapefruit lemon, mixed berry, muscadine aloe vera)
♡ Sweet taste
(Strawberry, white peach, pineapple mango)
Recommended eating methods:

1. Pour the Petit Shake into the cup and add 100ml frozen milk/soy milk (🙅🏻‍♀️🙅🏻‍♀️Remember not to use water!),

Use a spoon to mix quickly and the frozen drink will taste better.

2. The texture becomes sticky and ready to enjoy

3. Feel free to use soy milk or cheese


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