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🇯🇵日本 ORBIS Cream For Cleansing 護膚卸妝乳霜 オルビス オフクリーム

🇯🇵日本 ORBIS Cream For Cleansing 護膚卸妝乳霜 オルビス オフクリーム

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1. 取適量(約櫻桃大小)塗抹臉上。
2. 再以指腹按摩延伸全臉。
3. 待乳化後以清水沖洗。


A cream cleansing with a pleasant texture that softens your skin and mind, and leads to a soft, moisturized skin.
Gently blend the cream onto the skin with makeup to wrap the makeup stains, and gradually add a light touch.
When it feels lighter, it is a sign that you should wash it away.
The highest cleansing power of Orbis.
Contains Select Cleansing Ingredient that protects the intercellular lipids that prevent evaporation of water in the stratum corneum and is only adapted to makeup stains.
Without removing moisture, it keeps your skin moist and also makes waterproof makeup off.
Recommended for those who have eyelash extensions.
Wraps the skin in a moisturizing net and improves the penetration of the next skin care.
Wrap your skin with a moisturizing net, and the penetration feeling of the next skin care.
A moisturizing ingredient, sodium hyaluronate, moisturizes the skin, and also contains a ceramide network component that keeps the moisture from escaping.
Makes the skin easier to accept skin care.
No fragrance, no coloring.
No oil that easily oxidizes.
Alcohol free.
How to use:

Take an appropriate amount of off cream (about 1 grain of cherry) on your palm and put 5 points (both cheeks, forehead, chin, and nose) on your face.

Gently spread it over the entire face, and then gently apply it in a circular motion in the order of cheek → eye area → forehead → nose → mouth area.
Make-up around the eyes can be smoothly removed by gently blending after the cream has melted.
When the cream wraps makeup stains on the skin, it changes to a light texture.
When it feels lighter, it is a sign that you should wash it away.

About brand:

In 1984, Orbis was established by leading Japanese cosmetics brand POLA with one central philosophy: Everyone’s skin is unique. Committed to creating an optimal environment and activating our skin's natural powers, the brand uses only essential, high quality raw materials, never supplying what the skin can create for itself. Orbis has its clientele covered, with collections ranging from makeup, hair and body to cleansing, UV protection and inner wellness, and featuring bestsellers such as Powder Wash +, Sunscreen On Face Light, Cleansing Liquid and Clear Lotion. All products are designed with the intention of providing comfort through minimalist routines that can be enjoyed every day.


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