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🇯🇵Japanese Nitto Black Tea Royal Black Tea Milk Tea NITTOH Instant Royal Milk Tea 8packs

🇯🇵Japanese Nitto Black Tea Royal Black Tea Milk Tea NITTOH Instant Royal Milk Tea 8packs

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❥.°ʚ Ridong Black Tea – Royal Black Tea Milk Teaɞ°. ❥.
royal milk tea~~ As soon as I heard the name, I felt that it was very high level😆😆
Wrong! He has indeed lined up hot drinks!

Milk tea and coffee both have a lot of SIS, it’s just as wild if you can’t stop being addicted🙈
me too!!! 🙋🏻‍♀️
Sometimes I have nothing to do in the morning/3.3 and want to drink a cup of milk tea🤟🏻
However, it appears that many milk tea shops are selling milk tea with "creamer"
Creamer is actually not good for your body! It’s easy to gain weight🙄
But want to give up milk tea? ?
If you want to drink, drink well!
Waiting for the little girl to introduce a delicious but not fat milk tea! 🤟🏻
👉Nitong Royal Black Tea Milk Tea
Each bag contains 10 packets, 14g each
🔥Qu’s super hit milk tea!
One of the most popular milk tea brands in Japan right now!
Stocks are often out of stock in Japan, and even if restocks are put on the shelves, they are quickly cleared out🙈🙈
The highest price has been raised to $80-$90 by purchasing agents🥴🥴🥴
This milk tea has the same packaging as other milk teas.
Tie the noodles one piece at a time, 10 pieces in total.
The other one is 10+2.
The long shape is super easy to carry!
If you want to lose weight and drink milk tea at the same time, this is a must-have for the office!
As soon as you open the package, you will see that the powder is super fine!
So delicate that it can be washed directly with hot water, frozen water, room temperature water
Unlike other brands, the powder will not easily become stale due to too many additives!
Drink it hot in winter, and drink it cold in summer🤟🏻🤟🏻
Milk tea control is an abyss!
But the biggest highlight of this product is that it doesn’t make you fat!
Regular customers’ eyes light up when they see it🙈🙈
Nitto black tea series has a history of more than 80 years in Japan. I believe it will never lose to Lipton! !
⭐⭐Key Points⭐⭐
Milk tea is produced using 100% Hokkaido milk & domestic black tea leaves
So it tastes so good!
Completely fruitless synthetic milk tea that tastes the same!
It's like adding black tea to noodles and adding fresh milk. It tastes so fragrant and rich in milk tea!
Combining the aroma of black tea with milk,
It has the silky smoothness of milk and the fragrance of black tea🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤
After typing, I want to take a drink back🤤
If you have a baby with a strong smell, you can add less DD water
Take a sip and it's super rich!
It tastes so mellow and fragrant in the mouth! It feels like the whole world is embraced by the taste of milk!
If you add a certain amount of water, the taste will be as light and milky as mentioned in many taste tests! The strong taste is sweet but not greasy!
The milk tea control system needs to be repurchased for 10,000 years!

Nittoh Kocha Instant Royal Milk Tea Powder is made with selected Japanese black tea leaves and Hokkaido milk, resulting in a rich, smooth-tasting drink that can be served as a hot beverage or iced tea. You can also add a taste of Royal Milk Tea to your favorite desserts by putting some powder into ice-cream, yogurt or baking mixes.

In Japan, Royal Milk Tea is a popular drink usually made with Assam or Darjeeling tea leaves, sold in cafes throughout the country, as well as in supermarkets and even vending machines. Although the name comes from the English word for tea, it is very different to tea that is commonly drank in the UK. Compared to a typical English breakfast tea with milk, Royal Milk Tea has a much higher milk ratio and sweeter taste.

For hot tea: Put 14 grams (3 full teaspoons) of royal milk tea powder into a cup, add 120ml of hot water, stir well and the tea is ready to drink.

For iced tea: Put 14 grams (3 full teaspoons) of royal milk tea powder into a glass, add a small amount of boiling water and stir well to dissolve the powder completely. Then top up the glass with ice cubes and cold water before serving .

Ingredients: sweeteners (sugar, lactose), skimmed milk powder, dextrin, vegetable oil, whole milk powder, black tea, butter oil, milk protein, condensed skim milk, salt, pH adjuster, emulsifier, flavoring


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