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🇯🇵日本 KOSE Grace One 高機能真皮精華虎紋貼60枚(30對) Wrinkle Care Concentrate Spots Mask コーセーコスメポート グレイスワンリンクルケアコンセントレートスポッツマスク

🇯🇵日本 KOSE Grace One 高機能真皮精華虎紋貼60枚(30對) Wrinkle Care Concentrate Spots Mask コーセーコスメポート グレイスワンリンクルケアコンセントレートスポッツマスク

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Kose Grace One 高機能真皮精華虎紋貼 60枚(30對)





深層次修復歲月痕跡 肌膚平滑無瑕!



1. 含有濃鬱的膠原蛋白、玻尿酸、天然保濕因子等多種滋潤成分
2. 集中改善眼部乾燥、細紋、黑眼圈、眼袋及鬆弛下垂等困擾
3. 使眼部肌膚回復緊緻光滑,充滿彈力




用盒內附有的鑷子取下眼膜,敷上眼肚或有需要部位(虎紋、頸部及額頭位置) 約10分鐘,用後如有殘留精華,可輕輕按摩直至吸收,無需清洗。



Recommended for normal and dry skin

Mask for wrinkle improvement.
The active ingredients penetrate deep into the epidermis and dermis to smooth away expression lines around the eyes and mouth.
Rich beauty essence spreads over the skin to help you create radiant skin from the inside out


Focus on smoothing out key wrinkles around the eyes, face and neck! Deeply repair the signs of aging, leaving your skin smooth and flawless! 

Applicable skin type: Normal skin type 

Instructions: Use the tweezers included in the box to remove the eye mask and apply it on the eye belly or areas where needed (tiger stripes, neck and forehead) for about 10 minutes. If there is any residual essence after use, gently massage until absorbed. No need to wash. . 

*The eye mask can be used as the final skin care procedure (after applying face cream and eye cream). 

The active ingredients can promote the penetration of skin care ingredients and achieve better results. 

Note: Since product packaging is often limited/limited edition revision, if the photo cannot be replaced in time, please refer to the actual product received. Individual product regions or packaging versions are shipped randomly, and version returns are not provided. In case of any dispute, our store reserves the right to make the final decision. 




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