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🇯🇵Japanese FANCL anti-acne nutrient Smooth Clear AC / 30 days

🇯🇵Japanese FANCL anti-acne nutrient Smooth Clear AC / 30 days

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New version of FANCL AC acne and acne removal nutrients.

Product specifications: 30-day portion (60 capsules), 90-day portion (30 days*3).

Regulate female endocrine and create smooth skin.

Contains soy isoflavones, plant-based lactic acid bacteria, kiwi seed extract, coix seed extract, etc.

Balance the body's water and oil balance and improve the problems of enlarged pores and acne.

Leaves skin refreshed and smooth.


1. Maintain hormonal balance and prevent acne.

Reduce oil secretion by maintaining hormonal balance and relieving stress.

It also speeds up the recovery and smoothing of acne, creating a body that is less prone to acne.

2. Reduce excess oil secretion and effectively remove acne.

Soybean iso...


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