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🇯🇵Japan Earth Bio Fruit Fly Trap Gel アース疬コバエがホイホイ

🇯🇵Japan Earth Bio Fruit Fly Trap Gel アース疬コバエがホイホイ

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No electricity required

Attract insects (Shaoxing wine + black vinegar) to make a special smell gel

Can attract insects, stick to and destroy them

Specially designed to trap mosquitoes, ants, flies and other small insects

Especially suitable for use in places where pesticides cannot be used

3 times the capturing power (compared to Earth Pharmaceutical products)

- The appearance of the product is designed based on the habitat habits of fruit flies

- Attract fruit flies to them through the colors they like and the aroma of Shaoxing wine and black vinegar

- Stop the fruit fly and enter the container through the guide opening, where it will be stuck to the gel and die.

- The gel particles have high moisturizing properties and can maintain the smoothing effect

- Suitable for use in kitchens where pesticides cannot be sprayed

- Duration approximately 1 month (depends on usage environment)

- Made in Japan


1) Tear off the sealing film of the product

2) According to the markings on the cap and bottle, match the position and cover it

3) Turn the cap clockwise to use

Lasts for about one month

✔ Use Shaoxing wine & black vinegar aroma to induce insects to enter

✔Double scent & bright colors increase capture rate

✔ No matter how small black mosquitoes, ants, fruit flies and other small insects are effective.

✔ Small size, does not take up space, clean and hygienic.

✔ A clean and hands-free way to kill insects.

✔One can be used for about 1 month


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