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🇯🇵Japan|Antioxidant Beauty|DHC Vitamin E Natural Vitamin E Vitamin E 90Days

🇯🇵Japan|Antioxidant Beauty|DHC Vitamin E Natural Vitamin E Vitamin E 90Days

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DHC Vitamin E Natural ビタミンE Vitamin E

✔️It has antioxidant effect, can reduce the production of free radicals, achieve beauty and other functions, allowing you to maintain youthful vitality and show your beautiful style.

✔️DHC Vitamin E is made from 100% natural vitamin E (d-α-Tocopherol) extracted from plants. It has antioxidant effects and can improve the health of skin and blood cells, thereby achieving beauty, beauty and health maintenance functions. Keep you young and beautiful.

✔️Unsaturated fatty acids are important components of cell membranes, and fat-soluble vitamin E can reduce the oxidation of unsaturated fatty acids and the generation of free radicals, helping to maintain the integrity of cell membranes. It is an indispensable and important product for creating youthful vitality. vitamin.

food source
Whole grains, nuts, dark green vegetables, liver, germ oil, etc.

Vitamin E contains vegetable oil, gelatin, glycerin

Take 1 capsule daily, take with warm water after meals


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