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🇯🇵日本 CHIFURE 指甲油 nail polish ちふれ ネイル エナメル 872

🇯🇵日本 CHIFURE 指甲油 nail polish ちふれ ネイル エナメル 872

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初秋既日子,總係想搽返一D 深色少少既指甲油🙈🙈





An extensive collection with 55 colors – choose anything from edgy to natural! Chifure Nail Enamel is a quick-drying polish that provides a flawless, long-lasting finish. Comes with a flat-tip applicator for an easy, smooth and even application.

A nail enamel that dries quickly and has a long-lasting fresh finish.
A flat brush type that spreads smoothly, does not easily become uneven, and is easy to apply.
With a wide variety of colors, you can choose from trendy colors to basic colors according to your fingertips.

How to use:

Shake well and then take an appropriate amount with a brush.
After painting the center of the nail, paint both ends.
About brand: CHIFURE
Driven by the belief that cosmetics can be affordable without compromising on quality, Japanese brand CHIFURE was established in 1947 with an emphasis on simple formulas, quality ingredients and fuss-free packaging. To safeguard the environment and its consumers, the brand uses minimal additives in all of its makeup and skin care products. Bestsellers include Washable Cold Cream, a cleanser doubling as a massage cream, and Make-up Base Cream, a hydrating primer that keeps makeup immaculate for hours. Also noteworthy is Lipstick Y, a smudge-proof lipstick available in nine vibrant yet highly wearable shades.


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