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🇯🇵日本|5分鐘打造完美水油比例|CANMAKE Juicy Lip Tint 果漾唇彩 キャンメイク ジューシーリップティント

🇯🇵日本|5分鐘打造完美水油比例|CANMAKE Juicy Lip Tint 果漾唇彩 キャンメイク ジューシーリップティント

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—❥.°ʚ CANMAKE - Juicy Lip Tint 果漾唇彩 ɞ°. ❥—

持久唇色 水潤保濕
- 獨特配方令唇彩色素隨著時間緊貼於櫻唇表面*,即使用餐後色彩依舊,同時減少色彩轉移到杯子或餐具之上的尷尬情況。
- 高貼合配方,令唇彩瞬間與雙唇融為一體,締造持久迷人的極致水漾亮澤妝效。
- 質地舒適輕盈,不黏不膩如空氣般無重質感,溫和包覆雙唇,避免頭髮黏在唇上的尷尬情況發生。
- 蘊含有9種保濕成分,可防止嘴唇乾裂,時刻保持唇妝完美無瑕。

水油合一 凝亮光澤
- 含有1:2的水油完美比例,唇彩隨時間推移,油分於雙唇表面形成光澤薄膜,光澤感愈加耀眼。
- 引人注目的高濃度色彩能有效調節及美化膚色,令膚色看來更加明亮。
- 使用時,可因應需要而隨意疊加以調整顏色的濃郁度,達至心目中的理想唇妝效果。
- 細長型唇掃令唇彩呈現更均勻的色彩效果,誘發樂趣無窮的唇彩體驗。
No. 01 Antique Rose 古典玫瑰:
- 優雅的玫瑰紅色
- 這枝好少女!!

No. 02 Cinnamon Apple 肉桂蘋果:
- 帶米色調的紅色,營造出明朗的形象
- 這枝就算是黃皮䬡可以做日常色!

No. 03 Orange Brûlée 法式燉蛋:
- 橘棕色,只需一層即可塑造型格妝感
- 係焦糖色,有一點甜酷的感覺

No. 01 Antique Rose 古典玫瑰:優雅的紫紅色
No. 02 Cinnamon Apple 肉桂蘋果:帶米色調的紅色,營造明朗的形象。
No. 03 Orange Brûlée 法式燉蛋:橘棕色,只需一層即可塑造型格妝感。
No. 04 Terracotta Bear 磚紅陶土:溫暖的啡紅調
No. 05 Classic Fig無花果色:帶藍調的玫瑰紅色
No. 06 Pomelo Red 西柚紅色:效果柔和明亮
No. 07 Fraise Rosé 玫瑰裸色:讓人眼前一亮的珊瑚紅調★最新限定★
No. 08 Hazel Milk 榛子鮮奶:精緻的裸米色★最新限定★

Wait 5 minutes and it will come true. Gloss film tint.
A glossy film tint that will come true after applying for 5 minutes.
An oil-in-water formulation that overflows with a juicy and fresh luster over time, and the color is fixed on the lips.
After fixing, the color remains even if you eat or drink. It is not sticky and has a light feel, so you don't have to worry about sticking hair.
It has a high color that attracts the eyes and has a skin-beautifying effect that brightens the skin.
Contains 9 types of moisturizing ingredients. Prevents rough lips.
There are individual differences in color development and color fixation.
Our recommended time is 5 minutes.

How to use:

Thoroughly remove oil from your lips, then apply color evenly to your upper and lower lips.
After applying it for a while (our recommendation is 5 minutes).
The glossy lip that lasts for a long time is completed.

About brand:

Since its creation by IDA Laboratories in 1985, Japanese brand Canmake has developed a wide range of makeup products in fresh and vibrant colors that live up to its "girly, pop and shiny" slogan. Using beautifying and moisturizing agents, the brand's skin care and lip care series protect and boost your skin for a true nude look. Delighting fashion-conscious teenage girls and trendy executives alike, Canmake also enjoys the endorsement of professional makeup artists who value quality cosmetics.


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