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🇯🇵日本 花王BIORE碧柔水凝長效保濕防曬乳70g SPF50+ PA++++ UV Aqua Rich Watery Essence Sunscreen ビオレ UV アクアリッチ ウォータリーエッセンス

🇯🇵日本 花王BIORE碧柔水凝長效保濕防曬乳70g SPF50+ PA++++ UV Aqua Rich Watery Essence Sunscreen ビオレ UV アクアリッチ ウォータリーエッセンス

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革命性水漾質感防曬 塑造水漾嫩肌
• SPF50+高防曬係數及升級PA++++, 寬波段(Broad• Spectrum)阻隔UVA/UVB
• GAP(Gel Agar Particle)水分子的革命性水漾質感, 長時間保持如水般透薄質地, 使全身肌膚表面更柔滑, 塑造水漾嫩肌
• 含透明質酸及綜合柑桔精華, 有高度保濕功效, 令肌膚時刻水潤亮澤
• 獨有水感凝體技術, 能將防曬成分鎖在水感凝體中, 形成一層保水膜, 有效釋放大量水分子及減少因日曬造成的水分流失
• 升級強效配方,讓防曬更均勻覆蓋肌膚表面,提升防曬效果
• 通過過敏性測試
• 防水耐汗

6 Key Benefits:

1) Water capsule formulation to prevent drying.
2) Contains hyaluronic acid, royal jelly extract, and BG (moisturizing ingredient).
3) Even though it's a super waterproof type (confirmed in an 80-minute water resistance test), it comes off easily with regular soap.
4) Colorant free.
5) Anti-acne formulation (non-comedogenic tested).
6) Allergy tested.
Impressively light even after reapplying or double-layering.
A watery UV product.
Prevents uneven application on a microscopic level.
Can also be used for layering under makeup.
Provides a smooth finish for foundation as well.
Prevents dark spots and freckles caused by sunburn.
Ultra-waterproof (water resistance tested in water for 80 minutes).
Can be washed off with soap.

For face and body.
Doesn’t leave white residue and won’t feel sticky.
Formulated with hyaluronic acid, royal jelly extract and BG (moisturizing ingredients).
Biore UV Aqua Rich Watery Essence, a watery essence with a transparent feel that blends effortlessly with the skin.
Biore UV Aqua Rich Watery Gel, a watery gel that spreads smoothly over the whole body.
Both items are formulated for the face and body, delivering maximum UV protection of SPF 50+ and PA++++.

How to use:

Apply evenly over skin in small amounts.
Condition the face and neck with skincare products before applying thoroughly.
Insufficient application may result in an insufficient UV protection effect.
Pay attention not to get the liquid directly onto clothes.
Get dressed after skin has dried.
Reapply as necessary to maintain the effect, such as after wiping off sweat.
To remove the product, wash thoroughly with a face wash or body wash.
Always put the cap on after use.

About brand:

Kao creates quality beauty products for men and women based on a philosophy of mutual respect, trust and social responsibility. The brand uses innovative research and development techniques to ensure customer satisfaction and predict customers' future needs. Kao's beauty collection focuses on a range of hair and face care products including the brand's Biore, Liese and Essential series.


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