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🇯🇵Japan|Burn fat and speed up metabolism|SVELTY 5 black fat burning pillsSVELTY Black Ginger Diet Supplement 黑しょうがx5つの黑

🇯🇵Japan|Burn fat and speed up metabolism|SVELTY 5 black fat burning pillsSVELTY Black Ginger Diet Supplement 黑しょうがx5つの黑

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***Highly recommended by celebrities! ❤️❤️***

"5 Black" fat burning pills contain 5 kinds of "black" colored concentrated ingredients and supplements:

♥150mg fat-burning black ginger essence—burns visceral fat, promotes blood circulation, and improves cold hands and feet

♥Popular Black Garlic King - rich in "alliin", which can metabolize sugar and regulate gastrointestinal motility

♥Antioxidant black onion - extremely high antioxidant power, can promote liver fat metabolism

♥ Fat-burning black pepper—Piperine can burn fat quickly and reduce fat storage

♥Confine black vinegar glue - balance the body's pH and maintain intestinal health. .

This product smells a little like black garlic (because it really uses black garlic🙈), but it’s just bland and not overpowering~

Once you swallow it, you won’t notice~~

❤️This "Five Black" model has 2 selling points:

— If a friend with constipation eats "Five Blacks", the stool will become smoother😎

— If you have acne on your face, it will help you speed up your metabolism and get rid of it quickly!

Wuhei Fat Burning Pills mainly target:

Suitable for people over 25 years old, with slowed metabolism, unbalanced diet, lack of exercise, and concerned about internal health!

– Promote body fat burning and target central obesity

– Double effect to increase basal metabolic rate, effective for health

– Contains super antioxidant ingredients to slim down and beautify skin at the same time

– Clinically proven to increase metabolic rate by 7.1% and reduce visceral fat by 16%

— · — · — · — · — · — · — · — · — · — · — · — · — · —

⭐️Recommended eating methods⭐️

Take 5 capsules once a day before meals (preferably in the morning/evening)

—— Price in Hong Kong $198 (70 capsules only) 😧

Svelty Black Ginger (150 Tablets)

Enriched with 5 black anti-oxidants and fat-burning ingredients, this supplement is to promote metabolism and helpful in shaping curvy and good-looking body.

Product Features:
• Anti-oxidant: formulated with effective anti-oxidant ingredients, such as black garlic and black onion, this supplement helps to combat signs of aging.
• Fat-burning: it helps to promote metabolism and hence burn more fat, which is beneficial for curvier and firmer body shape.
• Suitable people: it is good for people who lack of exercise, with low metabolism and always dine out.

• Black Ginger, Black Garlic, Black Onion, Black Pepper, Vinegar Extract: helping to burn more fat.

How to use:
5 tablets a day after meal.


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